Pirates News · Fan Behavior at School Events

As a reminder, West Carrollton School District and the Miami Valley League have a zero tolerance policy for poor behavior from our fans, student-athletes, and coaches. 

Starting the Fall 2019-20 season, anyone ejected from a sporting event (home or away) must take a mandatory sportsmanship course before they are allowed to attend another sporting event. This FREE course is offered by the National Federation of State High School Association.

The Miami Valley League policy (posted below) states that all ejections require that all offenders must take this mandatory course. In addition to the mandatory course, all coach and player ejections will require a suspension of double the OHSAA minimum number of games.

Once the course has been completed the .pdf certificate must be sent to the Athletic Director at eivory@wcsd.k12.oh.us The Athletic Director will forward the certificate of completion to the MVL Commissioner.

The Athletic Director must have proof that the course has been completed before the spectator is allowed back into sporting events.


The Miami Valley League supports positive behavior at all events.  Inappropriate comments, language, and gestures will not be tolerated and are grounds for removal from an event.  Administrators, coaches, athletes, parents or spectators removed or ejected will be reported to the Commissioner.  The Commissioner will then notify the member school’s administrative team of the reported removal or ejection.  Those removed or ejected will be required to complete an online sportsmanship class offered by the National Federation of State High School Associations prior to being admitted to a future Miami Valley League event.  Adults will be required to take the “Positive Sports Parenting” class while students will be required to take the “Sportsmanship” class.  In addition, coaches and athletes will be required to comply with all OHSAA bylaws regarding ejections.  The Miami Valley League recommends suspensions be double that of the OHSAA.  All classes are offered for free at www.NFHSLearn.com. Completion of requirement will be reported to the Commissioner prior to participation in future MVL events.