Pirates News · Virtual Cheerleading Tryouts Scheduled!!

Calling all student athletes interested in trying out for the 2020-2021 Cheerleading season!!! Because of the unique situation we are under due to COVID-19, we are hosting a LIVE Virtual Tryout!  Below are the links to videos with the material being used for our tryouts this year.  Please make sure you have registered for tryouts by completing this Google Form (if you are already registered, no need to do it again). It is important to be registered so that we can assign you a tryout time.  You have until NOON on Sunday, May 10th to register. We will email tryout times and details about tryouts by 8:00pm on Monday, May 11th. Please make sure you have created a FREE Zoom account prior to tryouts.

During your tryout, make sure you have plenty of space to move around and jump freely.  We recommend doing your tryout outside to ensure enough space.   If possible, please wear a plain white t-shirt and red or black shorts, try to avoid patterns.  Hair must be pulled back and out of your face.


Middle School (incoming 7th & 8th graders) will tryout on Tuesday, May 12th starting at 3:00pm

Incoming Freshman and Sophomores will tryout on Wednesday, May 13th starting at 3:00pm

Incoming Juniors and Seniors will tryout on Thursday, May 14th starting at 3:00pm

Tryouts will run every 10-15 minutes. You must log in at your exact tryout time, do not log in early because another tryout is taking place.

Results will be posted by 7:oopm on Friday, May 15th on the Athletic Website.


Tryout Chant

Please watch the girls version and do not turn around during your tryout.  In the video they turn around for you to see a different view.  You will do the chant 3 times complete with motions each time. Make sure you say PIRATES!!!


Tryout Cheer – Front View

Tryout Cheer – Back View

Tryout Cheer – Teaching Version


Pirates, Pirates

Let’s get loud

Name the team that makes you proud

We are the-Pirates

Pirates, Pirates

Let’s get loud

Yell the colors that make you proud

Red and Black

We are the-Pirates

Red and Black


High School Tryout Dance – Front View

High School Tryout Dance – Back View

High School Tryout Dance – Teaching View


Middle School Tryout Dance – Front View

Middle School Tryout Dance – Back View

Middle School Tryout Dance – Teaching View