Pirates News · PHASE II – Opening Indoor Facilities

As we begin Phase II, it is very important that we continue the protocol that has successfully worked in Phase I.

Please remember that student-athletes should continue to bring their own water bottles. Locker rooms are off limits and student-athletes will not be allowed to bring bags inside.

Phase II – Weight Room and Gym Guidelines

All facility use is strictly limited to student-athletes, coaches and WCSD staff.

Weight Room

  • The weight room is limited to 9 student-athletes and one coach at a time.
  • There is a mandatory minimum of 10 minutes between each group in the weight room. Cleaning products must dry before the next group.
  • All areas will be cleaned before and after each workout.
  • If necessary, coaches should make “work out partners” that can lift with each other every day.
  • The custodial staff will provide cleaning supplies for the weight room.
  • Contact the AD if any cleaning supplies are running low, or you are unable to find them.
  • Student-athletes will continue to practice social distancing in the weight room.
  • All workouts must be directly supervised by a coach.
  • Water fountains will be covered and unavailable for all student-athletes.
  • All exterior doors must remain closed and locked at all times.


  • Coaches should self-check temperatures at home before coming to campus.
  • If a coach has a temperature over 100 degrees, they should not come in.
  • All coaches are recommended to wear masks in indoor facilities.
  • All coaches will arrive 20 minutes before their workouts and stay until all student-athletes are gone.
  • Coaches will be responsible for tracking and maintaining daily attendance.
  • High risk individuals should not oversee workouts.


  • All student-athletes should self-check temperatures at home.
  • All student-athletes will sign in prior to participating.
  • All student-athletes should come in work out attire.
  • All student-athletes will bring their own water and should not share.
  • All student-athletes will leave campus immediately after their work out is over.


Cleaning Procedures

  • Coaches will be responsible for cleaning all equipment used during training.
  • Some cleaning supplies must sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Guidelines outlining specific cleaning procedures will be relayed from the AD to the coaches.

Locker Rooms

  • Locker Rooms will be available for restroom use only.
  • Lockers, showers, and benches will be off limits.
  • Everyone that enters the Locker Room must wash their hands before exiting the Locker Room.