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Eligibility Requirements

OHSAA Eligibility Requirements

Academic Eligibility for Athletes at West Carrollton Schools

Eligibility requirements for participating in athletic programs must conform with, but may exceed, the regulations set forth by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA). In addition to meeting these requirements, all participants must have the following on file in the West Carrollton High School Athletic Department: valid physical, emergency medical authorization, signed copy of the WCSD athletic code of conduct, and a signed copy of concussion information form. All West Carrollton students in grades 7-12, including those with an IEP, are subject to this policy.

Criteria for Eligibility includes:
Quarterly Eligibility – OHSAA regulations

• Students enrolling into the seventh grade for the first time will be eligible for the first quarter regardless of previous academic standing.
• Students must be passing at least 5 classes (not including study hall) and have a minimum 1.5 GPA in the preceding quarter to be eligible (PE Courses do not count toward the five passed at the High School level but do at the Middle School. PE does count towards the 1.5 GPA requirement 7-12).

Weekly Eligibility – WCSD policy

• Student’s grades will be checked every Tuesday beginning with the third week of the quarter and ineligible students will be notified by the end of the day.
• Students will be declared ineligible if they have more than 1 F or more than 2 D’s.
• Ineligible students then have until the following Monday to confer with teachers and to complete any possible assignments to turn in.
• Students who are still ineligible by Tuesday morning, will be immediately ineligible to participate in an athletic contest until grades have improved.
• Once the grades have improved, the student must notify the athletic director for verification.
• Once verified, the athletic director will notify the coach that the student is able to participate.